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  Wind River’s VxWorks, the world’s most widely adopted commercial-grade real-time operating system, is the premier foundation for all device software applications. The latest edition of VxWorks, version 6.2, is backward compatible with VxWorks 5.5, 6.0, and 6.1. This release includes enhanced memory protection and error management, improved operating system scalability, improved POSIX compliance, support for the latest networking and security protocols, and connectivity between devices and the enterprise.Architecture of VxWorks 6.2Error ManagementIPv4/IPv6USB 1.1, 2.0Flash Support (TrueFFS)DOS FSHighly Reliable FSTransactional Reliable FS802.11 a/b/gPPPUDPTCPServers: FTP, NFS, SNTP, Telnet, RSH, DHCP, TFTPClients: FTP, NFS, SNTP, Telnet, RSH, DHCP, TFTP, Ping, DNS, RloginVxWorksIntegrated Run-Time TechnologiesOS

new in VxWorks 6.2

The latest release of VxWorks extends the capabilities of previous versions with:

  • Improved OS scalability using new configuration profiles
  • Full support for the JTRS SCA AEP 2.2.1
  • A new file system framework that supports:
  • A new power management framework
  • A new high-speed interconnect framework
  • Support for additional architectures and BSPs.....



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