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    For application and system developers who require high
availability without complexity, GoAhead SelfReliant Basic
Availability Management (SR-BAM) provides the surest and
fastest path to 99.999% availability. Targeted for systems
running on rack-mounted, pedestal, or bladed servers, SR-BAM
allows developers to quickly make applications highly available.
It rapidly detects, isolates, recovers, and sends notifications for application, system, and external services failures. Rec-overy actions include application start, stop, restart, and fast switchover to a redundant resource.

    SR-BAM offers a layered method to quickly and easily
implement SelfReliant HA functionality. Many customers start by
adding simple, transparent application failover to ensure
continuous service. This approach to availability requires no
application modification. It is ideal when stateless failover is
sufficient HA functionality, or when it is not possible or desirable to modify the application. Transparent availability management can be applied to applications on up to 64 nodes. For many projects, this SR-BAM implementation fully meets the syste-m’s availability requirements.

    For developers who require more availability control over their applications and services, SR-BAM offers a set of checkpointing APIs to implement failover across application and/or node pairs to ensure critical state is preserved during any type of failu-re. Active/active and active/standby configurations are support-ed.


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