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SelfReliant Advanced Suite (SR-AS) is a full suite of standardsbased, platform-independent high availability (HA) middleware that delivers a pre-integrated, carrier-grade application ready platform. SR-AS helps development teams:

Shorten the time it takes to build highly available systems
Reduce initial development costs by leveraging commercial,
off-the-shelf technology
React more quickly to technology and platform changes
Focus development efforts on functionality that delivers
competitive differentiation
Reduce project risk by building on a platform that provides
pre-tested and pre-integrated hardware and software

With its modular design, developers can select the level of
availability management functionality that is most important for
their product. For projects that need basic HA in the first
release, development teams typically start with SelfReliant
Basic Availability Management (SR-BAM). Teams can later
upgrade to the Advanced Suite for a broader array of services
including messaging services, platform services, and systems
management services. With an extensive library of APIs,
SelfReliant can be completely customized to meet the unique
market requirements of a project. In addition, user-written APIs
can de developed to extend SelfReliant's capabilities even

SelfReliant is completely standards-based and platform
independent and therefore protects organizations from
hardware and software "lock-in." SelfReliant supports multiple
operating systems as well as multiple CPU and system
architectures. SelfReliant also supports the Service Availab-ility Forum (SA Forum) Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)
specification, enabling availability management down to the
hardware component and operating systems levels. GoAhead
has also announced plans to support the SA Forum Application
Interface Specification (AIS).......


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